Thanks to our friends at Hello, West Chester we have some idea of what’s going on with our city streets.

Perhaps you’ve noticed, the streets of West Chester are in shambles. A combination of winter grind and multiple major infrastructure projects occurring simultaneously have left the streets a mess. Well, no need to worry West Chester Public Works Department has a plan.

Each year the borough gets an allotment of funds from the state’s liquid fuels tax. This money is used to repair and repave local roads. Public Works has already compiled its list of roads for repaving and is currently in the process of bidding out the project to external contractors. They are also working with PECO to coordinate the repaving of its many borough projects including the multi-year Harmony project which is finally finishing up downtown and other gas main replacement projects. PECO repaving is expected to occur by the end of June. Borough repaving should begin before that.

That leaves the Aqua projects. Repaving these roads has also been discussed. Aqua typically only repaves the side of the road damaged. The staggered paving schedule would ensure all disturbed roads are fully repaved.

Below is the Public Works Spring Paving Punch list:

Note: Don’t panic if your street is not listed above. This is just the roads Pubic Works is managing. It does not include the PECO or Aqua projects.

Originally published, May 12, 2023

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