Congratulations to all 36 competitors from ATA Martial Arts in West Chester, PA who travelled to Pittsburgh for the ATA 2023 Fall Nationals. The event went from Wednesday, October 18th to Saturday, October 21st.

The week consisted of business courses, physical learning including forms, sparring, and weapons. International rank testing was held on Thursday morning. There was also competition spread over the course of 2 days that includes forms, weapons, sparring, combat stick sparring, creative and x-treme musical events, team sparring, team sync, and team demo.
There were even some students who tried out for the ATA-USA Team Sparring team.

Here is a list of all competitors from our school:

Hanna Alderman
Max Cornman
Lila Moffett
Avary Wagner
Saket Banda
Ethan Fernandez
Kerrie Garrison
Devon Wagner
Vincent Jouan
Aubry Dowd
Paul Alderman
Aditi Banda
Payton Siegfried
Revanth Kosaraju
Ruby Masishin
Noah Myers
Tobias Reynolds
Stella Estrada
Dante Pesce
Troy O’Connell
Samuel Jouan
Benjamin Jouan
Rajesh Kosaraju
Kenny McGann
Beau Rullo
Bentley Fetter
Kavond Jones
Wesley Hicks
Korey Wunsch
Shane Sweeney
Kenzie Costa
Quinn Kukulka
Owen Kukulka