It was a banner year for ATA Martial Arts of West Chester.

Northeast District Championships took place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on June 9th and 10th. It featured over 700 competitors and 90 teams from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, and more.

ATA West Chester had 66 qualifiers with 50 attendees. When the dust settled, the following became champions:

Vincent Jouan – Combat sparring

Troy O’Connell – traditional weapons

Gavin Fawcett – X-treme forms

Stella Estrada – creative forms and X-treme forms

Paul Alderman – traditional forms

Ethan Fernandez – X-treme forms and X-treme weapons

Devon Wagner – traditional forms and Combat sparring

Aditi Gupta – traditional weapons and creative forms

Catherine Martin – X-treme forms

Payton Siegfried – creative forms

Noah Myers – traditional forms

Tobias Reynolds – sparring

C.J. Nichols – creative forms, creative weapons, X-treme forms, and X-treme weapons

along with tons of 2nd and 3rd place finishes. For many it was their first experience and they are learned what it takes to come back and win next year. Congrats to all!