ATA Martial Arts Tournament Seasons Concludes with 25 State Champions

The ATA Martial Arts 2022-23 tournament season concluded with resounding success this past weekend. The West Chester, PA location ended with 25 State Champions who brought home an impressive combined 61 titles!

This year’s champions earned titles in a diverse array of martial arts events, including forms, sparring, weapons, musical forms, and team sparring. Our winners include 8 year old color belts all the way up to adult black belts.

The competition was fierce, with each participant showcasing their technical prowess, physical strength, and mental fortitude over the course of the season, which begins in August and runs until May.

Here are this year’s 2023 Pennsylvania State Champions:

Hanna Alderman – 3 titles

Paul Alderman – 4 titles

Stella Estrada – 1 title

Ethan Fernandez – 2 titles

Kaley Fitzpatrick – 2 titles

Kerrie Garrison – 3 titles

Aditi Gupta – 5 titles

Wesley Hicks – 5 titles

Sarah Jefferson – 2 titles

Vincent Jouan – 1 title

Master Kammas Kersch – 2 titles

Catherine Martin – 2 titles

Dr. Stephanie McGann – 8 titles

Aiden Miranda – 1 title

Lila Moffett – 1 title

C.J. Nichols – 4 titles

Weston Nichols – 1 title

Tobias Reynolds – 2 titles

Miles Suh – 1 title

Anabella Vitelli – 2 titles

Avary Wagner – 1 title

Devon Wagner – 2 titles

Korey Wunsch – 1 title

Amanda Young – 3 titles

Juan Zavaleta – 2 titles

These remarkable winners have proven that martial arts is not just about physical strength but also about mental discipline, focus, and respect. Their accomplishments this season serve as an inspiration to aspiring martial artists and a testament to the power of dedication and hard work.

ATA Martial Arts would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to all the winners, participants, instructors, and organizers who made this season a grand success. This season not only showcased the extraordinary talent in our state but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship among the martial arts community.

The next step for many of these competitors is the Northeast District Championships, held in Lancaster, PA, where the possibility for more titles and a bid for World Championships will be on the line.