Let’s be honest, a wimpy pinata and a bland birthday cake aren’t exactly on any kid’s birthday wish list. Chances are, however, that fun, excitement, and leadership opportunities do make the list. So what’s the perfect combination of all these things? That would be an ATA Martial Arts birthday party, of course!

When your birthday party comes around, having your party with ATA is a guaranteed good time. You don’t even need any martial arts experience to be the rock star center of attention at your party. All kids love martial arts parties because martial arts is cool. It’s easy to learn the movements. Kids who already train get a chance to bring in their friends to showcase their moves and thrive in their element. They also get to be a leader and show their friends how to do it too. They are made to feel special. That is part of what makes an ATA birthday party so unique. Besides a martial arts lesson, wearing an honorary birthday black belt, and breaking boards, there are many hidden benefits to having a martial arts birthday party.

Parents who are looking for a way for their shy child to gain confidence will see it grow as their child is made to be the star of the show at an ATA Martial Arts birthday party. Structure plays a large part. At many other birthday parties, the atmosphere is little more than controlled chaos. You may have witnessed at non-martial arts birthday parties firsthand, kids running around, horseplaying, and getting hurt. Not to mention, at those parties, kids are less likely to listen to their parents and follow the rules. What sets ATA parties apart is that they are fun, but structured, and bring out the best behavior in every attendee. Parents can be proud knowing that their child is leading the group, being a good role model, and are learning about confidence, discipline, and respect.

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