Self-Esteem Is the Cornerstone For All Success In Life

If you were to look at self-esteem, you would see that everybody has it, it is just on a continuum, a line or level you feel about yourself. Your feeling about yourself would be somewhere on the line between wanting to live in a cave and the feeling that everything in your life is perfect.
You have learned the feelings you have about yourself, whether they are positive “I can do it” thoughts or negative “No I can’t” thoughts. By developing high levels of positive self-esteem you improve your self-confidence, self-respect, self worth, and the feeling that you are a good person doing the best you can with your life. A person with high levels of positive self-esteem realizes that they are unique. In the whole world, even if they are an identical twin, no one talks like them, walks like them, has their exact color eyes or their exact color hair. They know that no other person has their personality or abilities. They know they are valuable just because they are alive.
An interesting study found that men and women in prison are often poor readers or can’t read at all. When they were in school they read poorly, which, in turn, caused them to do poorly in school. This gave them negative levels of self-esteem. No one likes to feel badly about themselves so these poor readers decided to drop out. Of course, when they dropped out they began to hang out with others who were also drop outs, others who couldn’t find employment. Often, very often, these drop outs turn to drugs to make them feel better about themselves, which in turn leads to crime. Of course, these choices sooner or later lead to prison.

On the other hand, people who develop positive self-esteem through sports, education, work, or other means are able to achieve more in their lives. You find them as community leaders in all professions and walks of life. High levels of self-esteem nearly always lead to a better life and life style. Many people find that a great way to increase their levels of positive self-esteem is by studying martial arts. You too may find that, through your martial arts training, you too will feel better about yourself and your abilities.

This week, we have our brand new self-esteem t-shirts for sale. Proceeds from the sales from these shirts will go to help one of our affiliate ATA schools that was severely damaged in the Louisiana flooding. Feel great in a nifty new shirt and feel great that you’re contributing to a good cause.

March 21, 2019
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